Who We Are

Shekinah Tabernacle Ministries (STM) is an empowering, spirit-filled, loving ministry that you will find counsel, instructions, and encouragement for each person as a whole. At STM, it’s our goal to inspire an enjoyable and energetic atmosphere by being a Christ-centered, Bible-believing, faith-oriented body of Christian believers. We strive to create an environment where you can enhance your Christian journey, or discover a fresh start.

Through this belief our leadership teaches that you must obtain a vision, which is a vivid idealized description of a desired outcome that inspires, energizes, and helps create a mental picture of our target. We also believe a mission works hand-in-hand with a vision by providing a brief description of what to focus on, what to accomplish, and who to become in a particular area.

At STM, it is our VISION to create a feeling of empowerment that nurtures, enhances, and creates stability in one’s Christian relationship with Christ.

Our MISSION is simple; to build Gods’ Kingdom by developing His Kingdom leaders and citizens through what we call (TIFEE):

  • Teaching that provides a solid, biblical knowledge of instructional studies, workshops, conferences, and seminars in the Word of God.
  • Inspiring a contagious atmosphere of faith, love, and worship in our praise, giving, and devotion through the glorious manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
  • Fostering an environment of servant hood, that promotes harmony and shares resources towards the expansion of the Kingdom of God.
  • Encouraging the congregation of Christ’s people, to outreach, evangelize, preach, and teach the true engrafted Word of God in home, community, and abroad.
  • Empowering all to operate in spiritual authority and dominion that will reveal God’s power on earth.